When Light Falls Asleep
4 songs | 18 minutes
"When light falls asleep" is Floralyn George’s Debut EP which is a signature of her unique sound intertwined the exceptional range and dynamics of her voice with an enchanting tone of her harp playing lays down on the diverse texture of pop-rock, electro, dance and ambient. Her classical background contributes to the complexity and diversity of the music. In collaboration with producer Joshua Palk, the sound was purposely searched and developed in a joint creative process and it is described by fans as atmospheric melodic electro. All these various “spices” create a lush sound which rediscovers the development of the modern music. Floralyn's lyrics are inspired by the mystery of darkness which devours the light to create a space where the only survivals are the ones who seek love with their senses rather than with their eyes. Only then they will find pure love.
1 The Burning Sea Classic 4:16
2 Won't be back (LUNA) Classic 5:10
3 When Light Falls Asleep Classic 4:11
4 The Burning Sea (Live Session) Classic 4:53
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